Evans Plunge

why we like it: Evans Plunge is a natural occurring, warm mineral water park.  The water temperature averages 87° F. It was established in 1890, making it the oldest attraction in the Black Hills. It offers both indoor and outdoor pools. There are slides for all ages! 

location: 1145 North River Street, Hot Springs, SD

hours: The hours of operation change daily and by season.  For a current list of hours, click here.

cost: Adults (ages 16+) are $14; Kids (ages 3 to 15) are $10; Children under the age of 2 are FREE

what the locals know: Unlike other natural springs, it does not smell of sulfur.

before you go:

  • You will need to bring your own towels (or pay $2 for a pool towel). There is a place to shower off and change. There are lockers that you can use for a quarter but note that you will need another quarter to unlock your items (so don’t lock up all of your mula!).
  • You are allowed to bring a life jacket for your swimmers who need one or they will provide one for you free of charge.